Venice Mural Recalls Classic Welles Film

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February 18, 2015
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February 20, 2015

Venice Mural Recalls Classic Welles Film

A mural based on Orson Welles' film TOUCH OF EVIL filmed in Venice

Our Private Tour Guests Recall the Opening Scene

The opening of the classic noir film, TOUCH OF EVIL, is studied in film schools around the world and spoken about with reverence by film aficionados.  The extended tracking shot, made long before Steadicam and CGI technology, was filmed in Venice in 1958 right where this Jonas Never mural adorns a large wall on the side of Danny’s deli.  Using artistic license, Never creates a dark atmosphere for this lively part of Venice and populates the image with details not seen, or purposely disguised by the film’s production staff to make Venice into a Mexican border town, that causes our private Los Angeles tour guests to linger in front of the mural and study it carefully.  Like so many of the murals found around Venice the impressive scale and artistry demand passersby pause and enjoy the artwork.

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