Venice Boardwalk Tour

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July 18, 2016
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July 20, 2016

Venice Boardwalk Tour

Early is a good time to arrive at the Venice Boardwalk

Eat, Drink and Be Merry as We Tour the Venice Boardwalk

The thing about Venice, California is that there is so much to see and enjoy.  Much more than just walking the fine wide beach.  In fact, there are generally more people on the boardwalk at any time then enjoying the sun and surf and ogling the lifeguards.  The Venice Boardwalk is a long string of shops specializing in t-shirts and beachwear, smoking accessories and electronics, and tattoo and piercing services as well as cafes and food and drink stands.  That’s just one side where there are permanent structures with intriguing architecture and murals.  On the beach side of the wide sidewalk artists, And the crowds are here and the Venice Boardwalk energy is highperformers, activists and others (?) set up stands to amuse, inform and transact with the millions of visitors attracted to Venice throughout the year.  Henna tattoos, new t-shirts and sunglasses are purchases that delight our Los Angeles private tour guests.  Fresh fruit ice drinks are always good.  The beauty of there being so much to look at on either side of the boardwalk is that we can start at one end and walk along one side returning on the other.  Also, one end of the boardwalk is Muscle Beach with its own special history and things to see.  If we arrive early enough we can have the place to ourselves.  Later in the morning and until sunset during the summer months and holiday periods the place is wall-to-wall people all having a great time.



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