Private Tour Makes Traffic Just Another Sight
June 1, 2016
Playboy Mansion – Back Door
June 3, 2016

Urban Escape Plan

This pastoral setting is where we fly for a private wine tasting and lunch in Malibu

Our Private Tour “Getaway” to a Malibu Winery

We call it Urban Escape.  You would not think that so many people traveling to Los Angeles, 500 square miles of city for 5 million people, would then be eager to fly to a nearby oasis to sip fine wine and enjoy a gourmet picnic lunch.  This is a very popular private Los Angeles tour for us all through the year and especially in the summer.  We now have two different Malibu wineries with helicopter landing facilities so that we can quickly get to our destination and spend more time enjoying the pleasant surrounds.  One of these wonderful wineries has a quiet backyard area for our guests to enjoy a gourmet picnic lunch and sample the fruit of the vines that grow on the hillsides.  There is also a collection of old cars and farm equipment and a menagerie of very approachable beasts that make this agricultural oasis seem so far away from the nearby bustling metropolis of Los Angeles.  Our newest landing zone for an Urban Escape adventure tour is a castle on a hill.  This private estate can be home to our guests for a short period of time to enjoy whatever amenities they can dream of – a private chef cooked meal, entertainment, massages, swimming.  There is always, of course, a chance to enjoy the wines of this Tuscany-style palace in the mountains where movie stars party and Hollywood frequently films.  Enjoy a VIP luxury tour of very local vineyards here in Los Angeles in grand style and fly with us on an Urban Escape!

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