Angels Flight Memories in Los Angeles
March 12, 2015
Downtown Los Angeles and the Lakes
March 16, 2015

Sunset in Santa Monica

Sunset is an hour later and still beautiful

A Late Afternoon Private Tour Sees the Sun Set

Our Los Angeles coast is always beautiful and a real treat for visitors from inland communities especially if they live where warm sunshine is rare at this time of year.  We in L.A. are spoiled that we have so many nice days even throughout the winter, our rainy season.  Because we encourage our Los Angeles tour guests to begin their private custom excursions at any time convenient for them we are often out and about sightseeing late in the afternoon and into the evening.  What makes that time special is that the southern California sunset is spectacular.  If we can manage to get our group to the coast or to some high place where they can really see a wide beautiful landscape, we do that.  In this photo we were perched upon the palisade in Santa Monica overlooking the Pacific Coast Highway and the bay.  The lights of Santa Monica Pier illuminate the Ferris Wheel and rollercoaster.  In the distance rises the Palos Verdes Peninsula.  Now that Daylight Savings Time has begun our sunset begins later but it is still worth considering a late afternoon and evening sightseeing tour.

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