Studio A – Capitol Records Opens for Our L.A. Tour

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May 27, 2014
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May 29, 2014

Studio A – Capitol Records Opens for Our L.A. Tour

The Capitol Records building in all its glory

Our Los Angeles Tour Takes Us Inside the Hallowed Studio A

We cruise around the Capitol Records building whenever our private Los Angeles tour makes it to Hollywood and that is pretty much all the time.  The Walk of Fame stars continue up along the Vine Street sidewalk in front of the well-recognized tubular building with the quaint sunshades and tall spire.  Our guides tell stories about the musical artists who have come and gone through the doorway over the 60 years the building has stood.  Children love to learn the fact that the red beacon atop the building continues to flash out the word HOLLYWOOD in Morse Code as it has since the light first came on.  But we never enter.  Restricted access.  No tours given.  Unless, that is, that our guests are invited in to watch a recording session and we accompany them.  More fabulous was that the session was in Studio A, a magical and powerful recording facility where so many great musicians, singers and artists have laid down their tracks for posterity.  Frank SinatraThe Beatles.  The Beach Boys.  And on and on to today.  Enjoy a couple of the photos we took on that wonderful tour.  (Click the images for larger views)

Above the doorway leading into Studio AInside Studio A ready for a session

A Studio A photograph of the Beatles

Another framed photo in Studio A – the Beach Boys

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