Spiderman Goes Wherever a Spider Can

Face Plant at Muscle Beach
June 11, 2012
(Don't) Take Down that Wall
June 13, 2012

Spiderman Goes Wherever a Spider Can

Photograph of Spiderman character on Hollywood BoulevardNo, this is not a publicity opportunity for the filmmakers of the next Spiderman movie (The Amazing Spider-man) due out this summer.  This guy had to remove a bag of garbage to make room for himself atop the refuse container in order to solicit money from the Hollywood Boulevard tourists walking by.  What’s that smell, Spidey?  Are you in the dumps, Spidey?  Wash your hands before you shake mine, please, Spiderman.

In the new film a whole new Parker family will keep the Spider-man franchise alive and reinvigorated.  We expect our private luxury tour guests to get eyefuls of genuine Spider-man promotions in and around Hollywood as we show them the sights and sounds of summer in Hollywood, Beverly Hills and the beaches.

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