Paramount Studios Is a Magical Place

Family Photo and Grauman's Chinese Theater
June 17, 2015
Venice Serenity on a Los Angeles Tour
June 19, 2015

Paramount Studios Is a Magical Place

A look down to the backlot at Paramount Pictures

Our Guests Include a VIP Tour of

a Hollywood Studio

When we are asked if it is best to schedule a private tour of Los Angeles first thing upon arriving in town or later during their stay we always tell our guests that by sightseeing with us we can not only introduce them to neighborhoods, businesses and activities that will be fun to experience but we can also answer a lot of questions about things to do in the area and scheduled events as well as tell them about restaurants and nightclubs.  For the same reason we like to suggest that if they want to schedule a VIP tour of one of the film studios in and around Hollywood that we first fly over on a helicopter tour or drive by on a ground tour so we can describe each of the studios and their tour offerings.  For instance, if we are with a family with children or young teenagers, Universal Studios VIP Experience is our first recommendation.  The attractions and rides will entertain young people if the tour of the movie studio and its history seem less interesting to them.  For movie buffs, we point to the VIP tours at both Paramount Studios (above, in Hollywood) and Warner Bros. (Burbank) as well as the lovely tour of the old MGM studios, now Sony Pictures (Culver City).  As we get to know our guests we can make particular recommendations among those three studios.


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