Nickelodeon Still in Hollywood

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September 21, 2016
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September 23, 2016

Nickelodeon Still in Hollywood

The Nickelodeon Studio on Sunset in Hollywood

Let’s Get This Private Tour to Where the Kids’ Film Studios Are

We meet lots of families and enjoy carloads of children over the summer when mostly everyone is out of school.  We also see them during winter and spring breaks.  Parents of those families joining us for a Los Angeles private tour regularly question us before the tour about making the sightseeing interesting for kids.  We assure them that our G-rated tour covers all the bases.  We get the parents over to Paramount Studios and the Culver Studios and talk about kid-friendly productions associated with the old studios at the same time we talk about the history and the movie and tv stars familiar to the adults.  But then we venture over to studios like Nickelodeon on Sunset, a former night club and then legitimate theater with a wonderful Los Angeles history that today is the home of a number of “Nick” presentations like Henry Danger.  There are other Nickelodeon locations around that we can visit for the young folks aboard as well as the Jim Henson Studios (originally Charlie Chaplin’s studio) just around the corner in Hollywood from Nickeldeon on Sunset.  Also, we make it a point to explain to everyone what a nickelodeon is.  That’s right, it’s a thing, a place from the very earliest days of the movie industry.

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