Malibu Beach Homes on a Perfect Tour Day

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September 10, 2013
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Malibu Beach Homes on a Perfect Tour Day

Aerial photograph of Malibu beach homes

Best Ways to See These Celebrity Homes in Malibu

Besides being invited in (we can always hope) the best views of these magnificent homes along the Malibu shoreline are from the sea side.  And from the sea we mean either aboard one of our yacht tours up the coast or else flying along the coast on a private helicopter tour and adventure.  Malibu has always been the ocean playground for the Hollywood elite.  The original Malibu Colony residences have spread up and down the 27-mile length of Malibu, just north of Santa Monica and near Los Angeles. Famous for parties, scandals, fires and devastating storm waves, residents and visitors to the beaches and businesses of Malibu love the community throughout the year, year after year, despite the rare catastrophes and controversy.  Much like Beverly Hills, the properties are somewhat hidden from view along the access roads which is why our helicopter and yacht tours are such good ways to see how the ‘Bu folks are living.  For just a little while on a custom luxury tour our guests can feel a part of the good life on the Los Angeles coast.

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