Malibu Beach Colony – the Good Old Days

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April 7, 2015
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April 9, 2015

Malibu Beach Colony – the Good Old Days

Vintage b&w photograph of Malibu Beach Colony

Our Private Tour to Malibu Gets in Touch

with Hollywood History

Of course Hollywood sightseeing means a visit to Grauman’s Chinese Theatre and the Hollywood Walk of Fame, the studios and nightclubs and chic boutiques.  But Hollywood history extends throughout Los Angeles including the 27-mile long coastal city of Malibu.  This beautiful strip of southern California coast was once owned by a single person.  Beginning in the 1920s she began renting out small lots to actors and filmmakers from Hollywood who would make the then lengthy drive out to the beach for weekends away from the demands of work and studios.  Over the years the city advanced, the area developed, people purchased their lots and built fancier and fancier homes along the beach.  There are many stories to tell about the famous players who resided and partied here in a fabulous mile-long strip of beach coined the Malibu Beach Colony.  The colony remains today, though gated, but accessible along the sandy beach at low tide for our private Los Angeles tour guests to see how Hollywood-on-the-beach folks live today.

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