Louis XIII Cognac at Four Seasons Beverly Hills

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August 7, 2013
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August 9, 2013

Louis XIII Cognac at Four Seasons Beverly Hills

Photo of Louis XIII cognac decanter

What a Way to Top a Private Beverly Hills Tour

You need not be a guest of the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills to sample a rare Louis XIII cognac that recently arrived at the hotel in a gold Rolls Royce accompanied by the Vice President of Prestige Brands, Yves de Launay.  A bottle of rare brandy such as this, selling for $22,000, in a Baccarat-designed crystal bottle, should arrive in a vehicle suiting its stature in the world of fine aged liquors and should be accompanied by a high ranking official of Rémy Cointreau, it’s producer.  Grown from Cognac-region grapes, aged perfectly in oak barrels for more than 100 years, blended by a classically trained French master taster and imported all the way to Beverly Hills, you can purchase tastings of this unique brandy at the Windows Lounge at the hotel.  Include this in your private luxury tour of Los Angeles and live like a king.  Vive le Roi!

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