Lobsta Truck – Good Eats on the Go

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June 29, 2012
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July 1, 2012

Lobsta Truck – Good Eats on the Go

Photograph of Lobsta Truck at night in Los Angeles

Food truck culture is as much a part of the Los Angeles food scene as the many high priced celebrity eateries and remaining Route 66 greasy spoons.  Lobsta Truck is one of our favorites.  Justin Mi got the idea on a summer trip to Maine (where else when you think of lobster?) and returning home created this traveling lobsteria beloved by the initiated.  While you can’t just go to food truck whenever you want, thanks to internet technology and smart phones you can easily find out where your target caterer is or is going to be.  Plans can be made.

We chanced upon the big red truck while on a private luxury tour of Los Angeles and Hollywood over by Sony Studios.  Once our guests saw the truck and we told them how good the food was they just had to stop and find out for themselves.  Nothing beats that for impromptu goodness!

Check out the Lobsta Truck website for a regular schedule and social media links so you can be connected and make your way over for a delicious seafood treat.


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