Lincoln Continental Mark II – Yesteryear's Gem

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June 23, 2015
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June 25, 2015

Lincoln Continental Mark II – Yesteryear's Gem

Another classic car spotted on Sunset Boulevard – Lincoln Continental Mark II

Our Private Tour Guests Had Never

Seen This Beauty

As we so often remark when we post about a vintage or interesting automobile sighting on the streets of Los Angeles, old cars never die in southern California.  Our warm, dry (very dry lately) climate, wide streets and car-crazy culture see vintage, custom and all sorts of rare and unusual vehicles out on the streets at all times.  Those who can afford the cost and time to maintain these wonderful machines love to take the opportunity to run them about the city for everyone to enjoy.  As we cruised along the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood toward Beverly Hills with our private Los Angeles tour guests this day we noticed the Lincoln Continental Mark II immediately.  It stands out today as much as it did in 1955 when the model was first available.  This stylish coupe sold then for about $10,000 (roughly equivalent to one Rolls-Royce or two Cadillacs) with the only option being air-conditioning ($595 more).  Just 3,000 were built in the three production years leading to the introduction of the Mark III.  An interesting note related to topics we like to cover is that the chassis for this American classic was used for the Lincoln Futura, the car adopted by the Batman television series and modified to be the Batmobile.

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