Lake Hollywood Park – Park Here for Los Angeles Tour

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March 20, 2014
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March 24, 2014

Lake Hollywood Park – Park Here for Los Angeles Tour

A lovely park below the Hollywood Sign

Los Angeles Tour Stop to Stretch Our Legs Under the Hollywood Sign

This beautiful park is often full of the beautiful people of Hollywood and their pets.  We make sure to stop here when we have a private Los Angeles tour group that includes dogs (our very popular “K-9” tour).  Also, small children are safe to run around on the grassy lawn and expend some energy.  This is a great spot for us to capture amazing photographs of the Hollywood Sign, Lake Hollywood, the chaparral-covered mountains all around and the Los Angeles basin from downtown Los Angeles to the beaches extending from the Palos Verdes Peninsula to Santa Monica.  There is even a vineyard along the side of the mountain looking in another direction.  Early in the morning we might see deer, raccoons and even coyotes up here where much of the land is undeveloped.  The winter sunset draws lovers to spots nearby who can enjoy the multi-colored sky as the lights in the city below are illuminated.

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