King Solomon Tames Snakes on Hollywood Boulevard

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November 21, 2013
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November 23, 2013

King Solomon Tames Snakes on Hollywood Boulevard

One of Hollywood Boulevard's favorite characters

Los Angeles Tour Guests Love the King

King Solomon, that is, who we see during the summer months on the Venice Boardwalk and who then winters in Hollywood on Hollywood Boulevard working with the other costumed characters.  He tames snakes, plays a wooden flute, rides a unicycle – a man of inspired talents who poses with our private Los Angeles tour guests while we take photographs (for a little Solomonic lucre – aka tips).  For more than a dozen years that we know of he has been entertaining the crowds and staying in good shape (thankfully).  You might think that Express would offer him a makeover.  However, if they did we would surely miss King Solomon.

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