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July 14, 2016
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July 18, 2016

In and Out of In-N-Out

A regular stop for our non-West Coast visitors is In-N-Out Burger

Private Tour Fast Food is a Destination for Some

With all the special and unique places to get something to eat during a private tour of Los Angeles we are all constantly amazed by our guests who arrive in Southern California dreaming of a meal at In-N-Out Burger.  It seems that they have heard of the family-owned and operated business and its 317 locations and the first thing they discuss with their guide is making In-N-Out a destination on their custom tour.  We know where all the Los Angeles restaurants are and most often get to the Hollywood location (photo above) around lunch time.  Sometimes we use the drive-thru and eat in the car or drive to a nearby park like Runyon Canyon to enjoy a picnic.  If our guests want the whole In-N-Out experience we will park and eat in the restaurant.  Good hamburgers, fries and milkshakes to be sure.  The Hollywood store is right across from Hollywood High School which makes for good stories and anecdotes of famous alumni as well as movies and tv shows filmed at the school.  After lunch we are just blocks from the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Hollywood Boulevard or we can stay on Sunset Boulevard and visit the Guitar Center’s Rockwalk.  The old Chaplin studio is very close by.  Betcha that Charlie would have loved In-N-Out had it been around in his day.

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