Hollywoodland Staircase

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September 10, 2012
Princess Diana on the Queen Mary
September 12, 2012

Hollywoodland Staircase

Photograph of old outdoor staircase in Hollywood near the Hollywood sign

Many cities with vertical topography have public staircases to navigate the hills.  Those staircases these days are also used as a source of stair training exercise.  Not all of them are as pretty as this particular stone staircase built in the original Hollywoodland development up Beachwood Canyon Drive and just past the stone pillars marking the entrance to the historic neighborhood.  It is rare to capture a photograph when there aren’t the usual lines of healthy joggers scooting up and down the steps.  We often stop to take our more nimble private luxury tour guests here in Los Angeles to the top of the stairs for photographs.  It is a good build up for the next thing they see — the Hollywood Sign itself which remains from the original marketing tool for the real estate development.

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