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December 16, 2015
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December 18, 2015

Hollywoodland in its Heyday

A look back at the earliest days of Hollywoodland in a vintage photograph

The Changes in Hollywood Are Apparent

to Our Private Tour

It is really only a hundred years ago that Hollywood began making a name for itself as nickelodeons spread across the country and movie houses began to appear.  What was definitely not good for the vaudevillian performers of the day was the beginning of a huge entertainment enterprise whose capital would be Hollywood.  Folks moving west to be a part of this startup industry had to live somewhere.  Enterprising businessmen of the time purchased a large stretch of property above the growing studio neighborhood below, up into the hills almost to the top of what would later be called Mt. Lee, and created Hollywoodland.  Unlike today’s planned residential developments there was only land.  Prospective residents purchased a plot and built their own homes.  That is why as we drive up to visit what remains of the original development billboard, now the Hollywood Sign, our private Los Angeles tour guests can see how unique and remarkable each house is all the way to the top.  Along the way we can pull out photographs like this one so our guests can compare what was with what is.

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