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August 15, 2016
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August 17, 2016

Hollywood Love All Locked Up

Love at the top of Runyon Canyon

Our Private Tour Guests Learn the Whole Story of Lovelocks When Hiking in Hollywood

The story of the lovelocks begins in Eastern Europe during WWI and was a local tradition for many, many years.  Then a young readers novel published in Italy in 2006 (movie released in 2007) resurrected the tradition in Rome and the practice quickly spread around the world.  In fact, the idea of locking your name and your lover’s to a fence, post, railing or other public structure and then throwing away the key became so popular in particular locations that localities had to declare it a Lovelocks we see on a fence in Hollywood on a private tour hike in Runyon Canyonform of littering and vandalism in order to deal with the problems that came from the enormous weight of the padlocks.  There was also the issue of the metal keys being thrown into nearby rivers, ponds and streams.  So far, this sweet but troublesome tradition has not created too much of a problem in Hollywood up on an eastern trail of Runyon Canyon.  We pass by when we enjoy a hike as part of a Los Angeles private tour.  This is just one of the intriguing sights and destinations we pass as we climb from Franklin Avenue to Mulholland Drive on the sandy trails of the park.  While it is not exactly the Pont de Arts in Paris or the Ponte Vecchio in Florence, we appreciate the spirit of love as it has become manifest right here in the entertainment capitol of the world.


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