Hollywood at Night in the 40s

Veterans Day in Los Angeles
November 11, 2014
See the Stars, the Heavenly Stars, Near Hollywood
November 13, 2014

Hollywood at Night in the 40s

A rainy Hollywood night in the 1940s

Our Night Tour of This Hollywood Block

Is Much Different Today

Even when it rains in Hollywood, which it seldom does (and generally at night), the streets are never this empty.  Today the sidewalks are marked with the golden stars of great entertainers and other Walk of Fame notables and the stores are more likely to be nightclubs and restaurants.  There are people out walking and traffic at all hours.  You would need to time travel back to the 1940s to get this kind of quiet evening activity on Hollywood Boulevard near where Schwab’s Drugstore used to be.  In a time before shopping malls and designer outlets, store after store lined this important boulevard of Los Angeles.  Our private Los Angeles tour guests will walk this stretch of Hollywood to the pounding beat of club music and see the garish designs of tattoo parlors.  No streetcars sail down the center road tracks any more.  They have have been replaced by tour buses and Winnebagos.  But there is still a certain elegance to Hollywood Boulevard, a kind of southern California urban magic that attracts visitors and draws locals for a fun evening out.

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