Salute to the USS Iowa
November 11, 2016
The Hollywood Bowl in the Off-Season
November 15, 2016

Hollywood and Vine at Sunset

The sun sets early now and our helicopter tour sees the lights coming on in Hollywood

Our Helicopter Tour at Sunset Above Hollywood

Now that Daylight Savings Time is over for the winter our Los Angeles sunset comes very early.  A private custom tour late in the afternoon will get to enjoy our beautiful sunsets.  Even more exciting is the view from above from one of our luxury helicopters.  We can look down on the landmark intersection of Hollywood and Vine just above the cylindrical Capitol Records building on Vine Street.  That is the Pantages Theater just above and to the left of Capitol Records.  The Redbury Hotel is the red building across the street.  The historic Knickerbocker building gets our attention when we drive by on the ground tour portion of our sightseeing expedition.  A good thing about this time of the year is that with cooler weather the air is clearer and visibility is excellent.  From this point above Hollywood we can see Catalina Island (25 miles off the coast) and the entire length of Sunset Boulevard and Wilshire Boulevard (and other major roads we will show you) from the beach to downtown Los Angeles.  Set your sights high and enjoy a combination aerial and ground tour of Los Angeles when you visit.

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