Herd of Dogs in Beverly Hills?

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April 29, 2016
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May 3, 2016

Herd of Dogs in Beverly Hills?

Beverly Hills dog walker managing a herd and his smartphone

Buckle Up Pups and Let’s Tour Beverly Hills

Here is another interesting sight as our private Los Angeles tour guests compare their home city with Beverly Hills.  This professional dog walker impresses us with his management style.  His herd of carefree canines seem comfortable leashed to his belt as he, what, checks his next appointment?  Tries to remember each animal’s name and where they live?  Looks on Google Maps to find the closest dog park?  In regard to that last question all of our tour guides can help.  We know the location of dog parks of the stars throughout the area because our company and our tours are dog-friendly.  In fact, we are dog welcoming.  We love pooches aboard and showing families the best dog parks and puppy runs all through Hollywood and Beverly Hills.  We even write often about dogs on our blog.

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