Exxopolis – Soon in Los Angeles

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September 2, 2013
Extraordinary Is Exactly the Word for It
September 4, 2013

Exxopolis – Soon in Los Angeles

Aerial photograph of Exxopolis

A Different City for a Private Tour in Los Angeles

Look for it in Grand Park in downtown Los Angeles the next two weekends — Exxopolis — a city within the city.  This is a significant expression of what artist Alan Parkinson calls pneumatic sculpture.  Giant inflated shapes inspired by both Islamic architecture and pure geometry will fill the open space with color and whimsy.  Within the sculpture you will be surrounded by light, dazzling color, sound and music.  For more than 20 years the creators of Exxopolis, a group called Architects of Air, have inspired and delighted more than 2 million visitors in 38 countries on 5 continents.  Exxopolis will be in Los Angeles for a short while for us to visit and enjoy.  Many of our private luxury tour guests are interested in seeing more than Hollywood, Beverly Hills and Malibu and are curious as to what downtown Los Angeles has to offer.  Believe it or not there is quite a lot to do and see downtown, even dropping in on Exxopolis in Grand Park.  This visit by the Architects of Air is sponsored by the Music Center and features Random Acts of World Culture, music from around the world in conjunction with Exxopolis.

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