Chateau Marmutt Is a Fun Place for a Visiting Dog

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September 15, 2014
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September 17, 2014

Chateau Marmutt Is a Fun Place for a Visiting Dog

The best of doggie day car at Chateau Marmutt

After a Doggie Los Angeles Tour This is

Where Your Pet Can Play

We have a well-deserved reputation as a luxury private tour service for visitors in Los Angeles.  What also makes our service the best is that we welcome dogs on our private Los Angeles tour, what we call our K-9 Tour.  We visit the usual sights and destinations of Hollywood (including the Chateau Marmont) and also make it a point to travel to locations that dogs will especially like….celebrity dog parks, hiking trails, public gardens.  We even keep track of the best restaurants that welcome dogs.  We love dogs, can’t you tell?  And when our guests ask about doggy day care services while they are visiting we are happy to recommend Chateau Marmutt, near Hollywood.  Day care, training, grooming, overnight stays, Chateau Marmutt offers everything a dog owner needs who looks for caring and professional service for their pet.  They even have pick-up and drop-off car service and offer field trips for pooches around Los Angeles.

A happy day at Chateau Marmutt

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