December 18, 2013

Peter O'Toole Still at the Chinese Theatre

Peter O’Toole Will Always Be There for Our Private Tours “I’m not an actor, I’m a movie star!” is a hilarious quote from Peter O’Toole’s perfect […]
December 17, 2013

Hollywood Coyote Up Close for This Los Angeles Tour

Some Stars Our Private Tour Sees Are Animals There is a giant parkland (Griffith Park) and undeveloped mountain sides adjacent to Hollywood so it really is […]
December 7, 2013

Late Night Vegetarian Eats in Los Angeles

Avoid Vampires, Eat at Raw After a Late Private Tour Los Angeles is a pretty easy town to find late night dining, especially if IHOP and […]
November 25, 2013

Every Guest is a Director When They Visit Hollywood

Private Tour Guest Takes Measure of the Hollywood Sign We are often surprised by the poses of our guests at the Hollywood Sign and even more […]

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