September 18, 2011
Ciel Spa
September 20, 2011

Casa Del Mar

Evenings heat up at Casa del Mar with spectacular beachfront sunset views, a Monday night cocktail Trolley, dinner at Catch featuring gluten-free selections such as trio of crudo, small plates like roasted beet salad, grilled octopus and prosciutto and melon, Spiedini menu (swordfish, white prawns, pork tenderloin, filet of beef) and sweets. This place is so lively and fun, great place to visit while touring LA. Plan to stay for live entertainment in the Lobby Lounge, where on any given night you can sip cocktails to music ranging from jazz to R&B and Soul and more.

Mind Game Mondays
At Mindgame Mondays, you can test out the new and innovative NeuroSky technology that literally puts your thoughts into action on the screen. Use NeuroSky’s latest brainwave sensing headset, MindWave, which measures brainwave patterns, sends signals to computers programmed with games and activities. You control the action on the screen by using your attention and relaxation to cause a ball to levitate or cause a barrel to catch fire and explode, all through your state of mind.

Casa del Mar, 1910 Ocean Way, Santa Monica, 310.581.5533.

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