California Donuts, Anyone?

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June 14, 2016
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June 16, 2016

California Donuts, Anyone?

Quick snack stop at California Donuts on the way to Hollywood

California Donuts to Get Our Private L.A. Tour Going

Showing off the various ethnic neighborhoods around Hollywood we might find ourselves near Koreatown and Little Bangladesh.  Besides the amazing aromas of tantalizing exotic foods wafting into the warm morning air of the city there is… what is that?… oh my, the scent of fresh baked donuts!  It is California Donuts #21 (to be exact), a 24/7/365 oasis for baked goods lovers (and coffee).  Because we only do private, custom tours of Los Angeles we can Yummy panda donut at California Donuts near Hollywoodstop any time and anywhere.  Even with the windows of our luxury SUVs closed the air-conditioning brings those sweet smells into the vehicle and our guests ask if it would be ok to make a quick stop.  OK?  It is more than OK.  Maybe we planned to drive along 3rd Street as we approach Hollywood just to be sure the idea pops into our guests’ heads.  We know a lot of places like California Donuts to recommend for quick stops for snacks and longer stops for breakfast, lunch or dinner.  We love sharing those special Los Angeles foods and styles with our guests from singing waiters (Miceli’s) to old-time kosher hot dogs (Pink’s) to movie stars at the next table (Polo Lounge).  When you come to Los Angeles and want an unforgettable, and tasty, sightseeing adventure be sure to give us a call.


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