Bob's Holiday Office Party Is Here (Again)

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December 16, 2014
Take the Train to Los Angeles
December 18, 2014

Bob's Holiday Office Party Is Here (Again)

Bob's Holiday Office Party is an irreverant look at business celebrations.

Miss Your Office Party?  See How We Do It in

Los Angeles Right after Your Private Tour

It is the last week of this show’s 19th season and a chance for regulars and curious theatergoers to enjoy an irreverent look at the traditional end of the year office holiday party.  This unforgettable collection of characters, many of whom you will know from your own life experience, will have your sides splitting and your lips spitting in uproarious laughter.  You will also recognize many of the actors from your favorite commercials and billboards and soon understand why these people do not want to work in an office.  It is all in good fun and the characters, the actors and the audience will feel the holiday spirit and leave the theater uplifted and energized, ready to take on Christmas no matter what happens.  They’ve already seen the worst.  If our private Los Angeles tour is too highbrow and informative for you then Bob’s Holiday Office Party is the way back to ground level (and below).

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