Beverly Cañon Gardens — Quiet in Beverly Hills

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August 13, 2013
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August 15, 2013

Beverly Cañon Gardens — Quiet in Beverly Hills


Photo of the Beverly Cañon Gardens

A Garden of Delight for our Beverly Hills Tours

Beverly Hills has a number of wonderful parks and greenswards for sitting and enjoying the yearlong fabulous weather, drinking a latté and watching pedigreed pooches parade by.  The newest park area is right in the middle of the Golden Triangle as the Beverly Hills business district is known.  Located behind the Montage Hotel between Beverly Drive and Cañon Drive there are 33,000 square feet of open space with sculpted gardens, water sculptures and seating areas.  During the day it is the perfect lunch spot for brown baggers and to-go orders from nearby restaurants and bakeries.  In the evening it is a romantic getaway for couples under the gaslamps.  Summertime concerts in the plaza make it a special destination for everyone and not just our private Los Angeles tour guests.  You are likely to see our tour guides relaxing in the shade as they prep for a tour with guests from the Montage.  Look for the large digital SLR cameras slung over their shoulders and a smartphone surfing local fun activities.  But wait, that could be any tourist!

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