Barry Manilow Lights Up the Skies

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July 1, 2012
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July 3, 2012

Barry Manilow Lights Up the Skies

Photo of Hollywood Bowl 4th of July FireworksOne of the great Los Angeles Independence Day traditions is the 4th of July Hollywood Bowl concert and fireworks display.  This year topping the bill will be Barry Manilow.  He writes the songs.

Since 1969 the Hollywood Bowl has incorporated fireworks into the July 4th concerts which thrill and delight the 18,000 fans seated up the hill admiring the orchestra shell illuminated against the darkening Hollywood hills.  Great music, either your own picnic dinner or a choice of excellent food available at the Bowl, you have in store a super special patriotic evening.

Photo portrait of Barry ManilowWe often visit the Hollywood Bowl with our private tour guests here in Los Angeles to see Hollywood, celebrity homes in Beverly Hills and Bel Air and the nearby beach communities.  During the day the area is just a park with a history museum and a great band shell so on a custom luxury tour we can walk around and take photographs and talk about Los Angeles in the 1920’s when the Bowl began.


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