Avalon Bay Remembered as a Painting

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January 21, 2016
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January 25, 2016

Avalon Bay Remembered as a Painting

Original painting of Avalon Bay (Catalina Island near Los Angeles) by Barbara Simcoe

Sometimes a Private Tour Guest Wants More Than a Great Photograph

Our private Los Angeles tour guests love that we take photographs all the time they are with us sightseeing or enjoying a Southern California adventure.  We relieve them of the need to bring out their own cameras (or cellphones) all the time and, most importantly, we capture everyone in the group in our tour photographs.  Best of all, we take these photos all the time and are very good at getting the best angle and composition (our high end digital SLR cameras makes shutter speed and aperture settings easy for us) even for our much practiced “candid” shots.  Since we take so many pictures on so many tours our guides are constantly looking for new images to capture and new techniques which we then examine during our regular staff meetings.  In other words, our guests have wonderful tour photo albums when they go home.  However, we also have guests who journey with us with their sketch books in hand.  They visualize and capture memories in their own special way.  We love getting images back of their work.  Barbara Simcoe, a Tucson artist, sent us this photo of her painting of Avalon Bay taken on a luxury tour over to Santa Catalina Island.  Just another beautiful Los Angeles day rendered so colorfully in acrylic and canvas.  Barbara was not on the island for the Eco-Ziplining experience but was instead interested in finding vantage points to capture island life only 23 miles from Los Angeles.

Photo of Avalon Bay

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