LA Adventure Specialist

March 17, 2011

Photo: Beautiful Santa Monica coastal view!

March 16, 2011

Watts Towers

The towering metal structures with their intricate mosaic bases are instantly recognizable. Watts Towers have been part of the Los Angeles landscape since Simon Rodia began […]
March 16, 2011

L.A. Conservancy: Hughes Aircraft Company Tour

Hangar on to Yourself — You’ve Never Seen Toy Sheds Like These! Aviation buffs, aspiring industrialists and anyone fascinated with SoCal crackpottery should delight in the […]
March 15, 2011

The Man With F.E.E.E.T.

Who needs 3-D movies when there’s View-Master? Those popular kids toys of the 1960s and ’70s — kind of like binoculars into which you inserted circular […]