Our Dash to DASH
July 12, 2016
Parking for Bijan on Rodeo Drive
July 14, 2016

Al Pacino Eats Here

Just across from our booth – Al Pacino

Our Private Tour Stops for Lunch with Al Pacino

Why wouldn’t Al Pacino want to eat lunch at the wonderful Nate & Al delicatessen when he’s in town?  And why wouldn’t we bring our Los Angeles private tour guests here for a big sandwich and specialty soda when we are in Beverly Hills at lunchtime?  Our crew eats here all the time so we are quite familiar with the corned beef on fresh baked rye bread and all the appropriate condiments to be found in an authentic deli.  We also know from experience that movie stars and other celebrities regularly drop in for meals.  Larry King is a regular.  We have seen them all from old timers who must really know their deli foods to younger stars just beginning to get the hang of pastrami and matzo ball soup.  Los Angeles is almost rich with great delis.  Many of them have real Hollywood history like Langer’s and Label’s TableJerry’s Deli is making history these days.  What our tour guests learn is that you don’t have to go to the northeast U.S. to find excellent delis and that we here in Los Angeles can enjoy lox and bagels and good kugel whenever the urge strikes.

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